• GG6 – Amaranthe

    You bastard, I’m ripping it faster Gotta deal with the fact I’m the master I see you dipping in a stall Gonna fall through wall While I stand tall so Fear me Get in my way, never stay, take it away Gotta obey, never your way Gotta chill down, I gotta say I’m gonna slam […]

  • 66’Fucking’6 – Onslaught

    66’Fucking’6 You preach your tales of woe And prophecies of old You spill your words of hate The truth is far from told You are the broken man Forever redesigned Behold the king of kings Deceit becomes your shrine Deep in your Christ addiction You breed undying faith A life of contradiction Will see you […]

  • First Day in Hell – Arch Enemy

    First Day In Hell Torn from home, sent down death’s railroad, are we When we wake up tomorrow Will we still be wearing this curse? Will we wake up tomorrow? Which punishment is worse? Day one: no sun Stripped of our names Now we are merely numbers Permanently inked in the flames Our kind – […]